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Decisions Determine Destiny
kevin treasure

Decisions Determine Destiny is a series of 12 short plays designed to bring stories to life through acting and play, allowing the students to become immersed in roles which any young person could find themselves involved in. Re-enacting the lives of characters in the stories and discovering how people can arrive at certain decisions which can sometimes be a catalyst for positive change or negative consequences.

The Decisions Determine Destiny series is a book of plays, which are intended to be part of the Life Skills series for young People. The book has been specially designed for Citizenship classes, Drama classes, Pupil Referral Units, Mentoring Units, Youth groups and Drama workshops.

Decisions Determine Destiny encourages teenagers to make the right choices when faced with real issues which sometimes arise in life. Experimenting through role play the many different circumstances they can find themselves in and ways in which they can deal with those circumstances if and when they arise.

The stories are designed to show ways in which a right decision can have a positive impact on their life and the lives of those around them and the consequences of the wrong decisions they may chose and the tragedy which can often follow.


The issues in the book include:

• Teenage Pregnancy 


• Single Parent Families                                          Sexual Abuse                   

• Youth Unemployment                                            Date Rape

• Inter-racial Relationships                                     Kids Dealing with Divorce

• Parents disliking their child’s partner                 Staying out of gangs

• Drug Abuse among young people                        Parents on Drugs

• The effects of relationship break ups                  Children who don't want to work

• Children who don’t want to work                          Ambitious children from dysfunctional  backgrounds

• Teenagers with goals                                             The Stigma of growing up in foster care

• Depression among young people                          Dealing with difficult people

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