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7 Winners Mentality Points for Young Entrepreneurs





1, Winners recognise when they are onto a winning idea.


That idea that won’t go away, you go to sleep with it, wake up with it, you go to work with it. It’s permanently etched in your psyche. That’s the idea that is waiting to catapult you into destiny. Thomas Edison knew he was onto a winner, along with the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell and countless others. They never stopped striving because they knew they were onto a winner. It may take time, there maybe some setbacks, obstacles and disappointments but winners never give up.

Some ideas are actually hidden instructions



2. Winners will master the area of their expertise.


Winners are not satisfied with what they already know. Winners are always aspiring to gain more knowledge regarding the field they’re in. Winners are relentless in mastering their area of expertise.  Second best wont do, they’re not satisfied until they can know all there is to know about their chosen field.



3. Winners know people will travel to hear Wisdom


Winners gather information. Winners are prepared to travel for what they need.

If you have the information that others need people will travel from near and wide to hear what you have to say. Winners will take trains, planes and automobiles to acquire good teaching, expert knowledge and wise counsel.

If they cannot get what they want from anywhere else, they will keep coming back to you.



4. Winners utilise as many avenues as possible to get their message across.


Webinars, webcast, seminars, eBooks, online courses, and the list goes on, Winners know if their message is important, and what they have to say will make a difference, they will utilise as many avenues as possible to get their message across. Some people prefer the printed book, some prefer the eBook, and some may want the audio book.

Winners meet the needs of the people by any means necessary.



5. People will pay for your expertise


Seminars, conferences and workshops are held all over the world to offer knowledge and wisdom in various subjects and areas of business. Sometimes the prices paid to hear men and women share their experiences and knowledge on particular subjects are sometimes astronomical, but everyone who has attended some of these paid conferences and seminars to hear their favourite motivator or teacher have all agreed it was worth it.

It’s sometimes a high price to gain wisdom, but a minor cost to pay in comparison to the knowledge you gain.



6. Winners will put a value on their time.


Winners never waste their time, they understand time is precious, and in the business world time is money. Winners will usually set tight agendas and rigorous workloads and stick to deadlines to get the job done. Winners separate work, rest and play. They leave minuscule issues to others and concentrate on their expertise.  

Winners utilize their time wisely.



7. Winners are aware of the influence they carry


Winners know their life is being observed; they’ll take note of the finest details of your life. They will take note of what you say and watch what you do. When your influence grows in the public arena your character will always be more closely monitored.

Winners in high profile positions avoid making mistakes which can taint their character.

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